Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Perfectly Inscribed

My fabulous hand bound journal arrived today. It is perfectly inscribed and ready to fill with calligraphy, sketches, watercolor, quotes and things that bring me inspiration. I ordered a smaller version a few months ago from Melissa Meaders McArdle (Simply Mel) over at Reverie (a must follow blog!) The book is filled with gorgeous handmade paper that takes ink and watercolor beautifully. The books are hand bound by a bookbinding artist in Scotland. When I saw that she had a larger version, which could be personalized, I had to have one. The cover’s inscription reflects the name of my little dog Ginger and other things that bring joy into my life.

The arrival of the book is bittersweet as little Gigi was hospitalized again today for diabetes. Last week, when we took her to the oncologist in South Carolina, we had hoped to get a great report that the chemotherapy was shrinking her brain tumor. What we found out was that she had developed diabetes and was in serious condition and a CT scan could not be performed. They referred her back here to our animal hospital, where she was hospitalized and started on insulin. The oncologist believes the diabetes is a result of prednisone being used for the tumor, therefore it cannot be discontinued. We have not been able to stabilize her glucose levels with the injections at home, as the dosage has to be increased gradually, so she is back in the hospital today. We have taken her off the chemo until we get the diabetes under control. Our veterinarian still has high hopes that she will rally, so we are still hanging on.

I look forward to brighter days when I can relax and enjoy creating something artful in my spectacular new journal.


  1. Dana,

    I'm so thrilled you love your journal so much! I know you will fill it with many beautiful things!

    Little Ginger is in my thoughts....


    1. Just wondering if these most beautiful journals can still be purchased? Thank you.

    2. Lisa, just click on the link and it will take you over to Mel's site. From there there should be a link to her shop.

  2. Hi Dana!

    I love Melissa and she does such great work! That journal is very special and you are going to fill it with your passion making it something of your own. I just love it!! Beautiful Job!

    Thanks for keeping us posted with Gigi. I was about to write and ask how it was going but don't want to put that on your mind always. She is a trooper and such a sweetie.

    xoxo Noel

  3. hello dana ~

    i am thrilled to visit you via our adorable friend, simply mel!

    simply from visiting your delightful blog, i can imagine that your beautiful new journal will be filled with all kinds of loveliness ...

    as well, i am excited to be introduced to joe miller's work through your blog ~ how fortunate for you to create with him!

    ... and i truly love your header ~ perfect!

    for now,

  4. Dana!
    I am so glad you found our Mel! She is simply The Best~ I love your book. I am praying for baby Ginger~

  5. Your journal is fabulous and will be even more so when it is filled. Hope Ginger gets better soon.....what a little fighter!