Saturday, September 26, 2009

Workshop with Joe Miller

A painting by Joe Miller from our workshop that he gave to me as a gift!. I was so excited!!
It is going to be perfect in my sunroom.
At the first of September, my mother and I had the privilege of taking a workshop with Joe Miller, fabulous artist, teacher and founder/owner of one of the country's largest mail-order art supply companies, Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff. We were the first students to ever take private classes in his studio in Boone, NC. I felt so lucky just to be there. Joe is one of the kindest, most generous teachers I have ever had. He is so encouraging and positive and has the most wonderful personality and sense of humor. It was such a pleasure to spend three lovely days in his gorgeous studio overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. I will tell you more about Joe, or "Cheap Joe" as he is known, in a Featured Artist Friday post coming soon.

I told Joe I wanted to loosen up, get bolder and braver with watercolor. I tend to paint very light and I'm afraid to really put down color. With Joe’s help, he pushed me to go darker, spatter, spray,

get messy

Yicks! have never been this messy - but it was fun and I loved the results!
Joe's Paletteand just have fun mixing the color on the paper, as well as the palette, learning all sorts of new and exciting techniques.

He told us we really needed to work on value and do these little studies before we start painting. Obviously, I need some help in that area!

Joe's notes to me We really had fun taking the gestural approach to quick little figures. I think Joe thought we might have been a bit carried away with them as we were adding them to everything we did.

Joe's Little People
It was the most spectacular three days. I was sad to see it end. I hope to go back really soon.
Now that my wedding season is slowing down for the year, I hope to start working on all that we learned!

Speaking of weddings ... I have several amazing weddings to share with you over the next few weeks.


  1. Great artwork and a great teacher!

  2. Dana,
    the work looks wonderful. I can see that you had a wonderful time there. Makes me want to go too! Hope you have fun with your watercolors! Love those gestural people.
    Much love

  3. Joe's studio is in a beautiful location! Blowing Rock and Boone are two of my favorite places. You're right - Joe is so nice and helpful. Really encourages you to move forward. I love the little tonal sketches and also the church picture is great. Amazing from the first to the second picture.

  4. Thanks everyone! I had a delightful time!!

  5. It looks like a wonderful workshop - I'm crazy about the figures you did!

  6. I've only now caught up with the lovely post, Dana. You really did cover a lot of ground and picked up some inspiring tips. Beautiful.