Sunday, February 28, 2010

Real Wedding: Blair & Joseph

As I was cleaning out some files, I found these gorgeous photographs from a client's wedding I designed invitations for a few years back.  Since winter is almost over and I cannot post current invitations I am working on for the spring, as they have not all been sent out to their guests yet, I thought I would post this beautiful winter wedding today.
I am not sure who designed her wedding gown and veil, but it has to be one of my most favorite ever! I just love the exquisite detail and style.
The bride's mother wanted a very traditional, classic calligraphic script, engraved in black ink with the family crest embossed at the top of the invitation.
Blair's sister got married six months later and wanted the same style and design.
It was a pleasure to work with such lovely sisters, and their mother, again.

I have been working with some really fun scripts and designs that I will soon be able to post.  Spring is just around the corner now ... I hope!

invitations ~ a fine line

Friday, February 19, 2010

Most gratefully yours~

calligraphy by Bernard Maisner

I have been so touched by the emails, comments on this blog, phone calls, cards, flowers and gifts I have received from family, friends, clients both past and present.  I hope I have thanked you each personally, but if not, I want you to know how much your kindness has meant to me during this time of loss.  I think everyone close to me knew what Gigi meant to me and what a huge hole this has left in my heart.  It warms my heart, though, to think of all the wonderful people who have reached out to let me know you care.  I am so blessed to have such amazing people who are, and have been, a part of my life.  I am most grateful for you all.

I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving
for my friends, the old and the new.
~Ralph Waldon Emerson

~ A Beautiful Day ~

You never know what each day will bring.
This morning started off with some unexpected, and delightful, mail!

Dearest Noel Solomon, over at Fanciful Designs, sent me the most amazing dark chocolate orange peel sticks from Laduree!  Her card enclosed said "We don't need an occasion".  How sweet and thoughtful is that?  We had just talked about how they were our favorite last week.  I had these gorgeous lavender sweet peas, that also came this morning ... and I will tell you about below, that I had to throw into the photo since they looked so gorgeous with the Laduree box and bag. 
I have eaten almost half of the wonderful chocolates already!  Thank you, Noel!!! You are beautiful person, inside and out.

 Then FedEx arrived with a huge box of flowers that I had ordered for a photo shoot this weekend.  My shop was to be featured in a magazine and I had the interview scheduled this week.  To make a long story short, I had an unexpected medical emergency and was at the hospital when the interview was to take place.  I will be fine, after a week or so, I hope! ... but the magazine could not do the interview a day later.  I decided not to cancel the flowers, as I always have flowers on my desk, in my studio and in my shop.  I love being surrounded by the beauty of flowers. They inspire as I work. 
You will be seeing more of these flowers as I decided to take the opportunity to update my website and hopefully be better at keeping up with my blog.
The lighting was not very good for these photo, but is a sneak peek at some of what I ordered. I am going to arrange them in vintage containers, ink wells, and other unique containers this weekend.  I think they all have that charming, romantic, vintage feel that complements the scripts and art I do for my clients.

  garden roses
sweet peas
antique hydrangeas and tulips

... and last, but certainly not least, an amazing painted flourished piece my dear friend Heather Held sent to me earlier this week. Heather also sent beautiful flowers to us when Ginger died. She is an amazing person and truly one of the most thoughtful and generous people I have ever met.  Thank you, Heather!

oh...and on top of all that I completed three commisions that I will share with you later and we finally have sunshine after 2 months of clouds, snow and rain. 

What a beautiful day it has been and a great way to start the weekend!

I hope your weekend will be as lovely.

How beautiful a day can be
When kindness touches it!
~ George Elliston