Sunday, February 28, 2010

Real Wedding: Blair & Joseph

As I was cleaning out some files, I found these gorgeous photographs from a client's wedding I designed invitations for a few years back.  Since winter is almost over and I cannot post current invitations I am working on for the spring, as they have not all been sent out to their guests yet, I thought I would post this beautiful winter wedding today.
I am not sure who designed her wedding gown and veil, but it has to be one of my most favorite ever! I just love the exquisite detail and style.
The bride's mother wanted a very traditional, classic calligraphic script, engraved in black ink with the family crest embossed at the top of the invitation.
Blair's sister got married six months later and wanted the same style and design.
It was a pleasure to work with such lovely sisters, and their mother, again.

I have been working with some really fun scripts and designs that I will soon be able to post.  Spring is just around the corner now ... I hope!

invitations ~ a fine line


  1. These pictures are so beautiful Dana! Can't wait to see your new fun scripts as well.

  2. What beautiful work you do, Dana! Just beautiful!! And I'm like Heather above-- can barely wait to see your new fun scripts!:) You're such an inspiration!

  3. This looks like every girl's dream for a wedding, and your lettering was the extra special touch of elegance! I too look forward to seeing your fun scripts Dana!

  4. Simply Gorgeous! I lvoe the invitations, her dress, the photos and the elegant touches!

    Much love,

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...! xo

  6. Oh, the magic and romance of a're right, the veil is exquisite!! And so are the invitations, so simple, so elegant.
    Good luck on all the work(very satisfying creative work, I'm sure!) and enjoy it.

  7. So beautiful.. your work is beyond romantic + just gorgeous! xoxo