Monday, October 26, 2009

Sketching at The Bloom Room

It appears I have way too many photos and designs on my computer and it has finally crashed! I cannot get to the wedding photos I was going to post, so here are a few sketches I did at my friend Stacey’s shop, The Bloom Room, last week. Since I can't scan or adjust them, please excuse the quality of the photos – yes that is my excuse for them. :) and no, the Wizard of Oz is not behind the curtain! ... I just didn't get around to finishing the details while I was there.
Stacey and I used to share the same shop until she needed a larger work room and more storage space. Not only do I miss her company, but I miss the beautiful flowers! Stacey is a fabulous event and floral designer, with a great vintage style, and does shabby chic like no one I know. I decided to go over and see what they were working on for the week and practice sketching which I need a lot more practice, but I am enjoying it. It was a fun day!


  1. Your sketches are exquisite, I didn't know you draw so hope you will share more. I too would miss a friend fresh flowers! You were a lucky girl so this could be painful for you! I am away for a few weeks (but have scheduled posts) and hope that Ginger does well over the next few weeks. I think i have adopted him.
    Have a great week. XO

  2. Sande ~ thanks so much for your comments and your concern about Gigi. She is hanging on. I hope to have more drawings to share too! I am having fun. Have a great trip!!

  3. Hi Dana,

    those are so delightful! Your work is lively and vibrant. I can tell that you love what you are doing. Keep going!!!!

    Much love

  4. Dana,

    I adore your sketches! They are absolutely amazing - you must continue to share! XOXO, Maura