Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Book Love: Seasons

I buy and read cookbooks like others do novels and I am especially a sucker for ones filled with beautiful, artistic photography ~ so when I came across Seasons by Donna Hay, it was a must have for my collection.

I love to bake and cook with the Seasons and always try to eat foods that are plentiful within a particular season, buying locally when I can. This book is divided by the season, my favorite being Autumn. 
The photos are works of art, but so are the recipes ~ simple and delicious.  The recipe for Plum and Chocolate Clafoutis is the best I have ever had and very easy to make.
It is one cookbook, in my collection, that I will most definitely be returning to again and again ~ not only to admire, but to actually use.
...and even if you don't like to bake or cook, it looks great on display!

book cover photo ~ amazon
all other photos ~ Dana Cochran


  1. ahhh...what a nice christmas gift for chef friends (and me, too!). thanks for sharing!

  2. Thansk for the book review Dana!!! Looks like one I need too!

  3. You remind me of my sister! She loves cookbooks, and she refuses to buy one that doesn't have beautiful images. Thanks for sharing Dana! (On Christmas morning, my sister may end up thanking you too!)