Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Madness of Different Kind

I seem to have created a March Madness of my own, not the one referring to the NCAA men's basketball championship that seems to take over my house the month of March each year! It seems as if spring brings out the shopaholic in me, this year being the lure of French antiques.  I stumbled upon an online French Brocante which for someone working out of her home a great deal of time, and being nearby a computer all day, can be very dangerous. :)
Corey Amaro, of Tongue and Cheek Antiques offers unique pieces each week "with a little bit of everything for those who like it French."
Here are some of the fabulous finds I have purchased from her this month:
 antique French skeleton keys
 silver tarnished calling card trays
 vintage laundry tags (i love things with letters and numbers)
antique bone handled flatware (9 sets) 
French linen dish towels
nineteenth century transferware serving bowl

antique monogrammed linens (doesn't matter that they are not my initials ~ I love monograms!)

This item, I thought about too long and was gone in the blink of an eye... antique French award. I have a fascination of farm animals, even though my husband says I would not last a day on a farm, it is fun to think about living the simple life...or not so simple, as it may be.  I have recently been visiting farms and sketching animals, who do not seem to want to pose for me! .... but that is another story of its own.
 cuties from Asheville Farm
Now that the month is almost over, coming in like a lion and going out like one, it looks as if April is bringing on a new obsession, of another French kind, this being that of Astier de Villate.  Their beautiful ceramic pieces, handmade in Paris, are hand-crafted from black terra cotta with a milky white glaze. I love the imperfection of each piece. I just placed my order for a few new pieces to start my collection. 
I can't wait to add tulips and peonies to this lovely.
And I am sure everything will taste better on these luscious plates.
I still can't decide which style of dinner plate.
and I think this will be my next purchase.  What is better than fresh, spring flowers in a beautiful pitcher? 

I will let you know when I have set my table using all my new finds.

French antique photos by Corey Amaro
Astier de Villate photos by Sue Fisher King
(the wonderful candy box at the top was lost in transit, but Corey graciously refunded my money. Fingers crossed it will show up somewhere, someday!)


  1. I love all these images Dana. It's obvious you have a wonderful sense of style. I love the bumpy pitcher! Congrats to your husband - Carolina is still playing!! :)

  2. Ooooh Dana we would be great shopping buddies! I LOVE everything you have purchased!! I so love the 2 goats in the container. Too cute!

  3. Great finds! Love the white-on-white. I love goats and keep thinking that maybe ..... but then reality smacks me in the head and reminds me that I don't have time to care for anything else.

  4. Wow!!!!!!!!! Now that looks like you had fun shopping! Love the white plates! A beautiful collection Dana!


  5. He he didn't joke when you said this is a crazy month of March...literally and figuratively! you can have us all crazy of envy with all these beautiful finds and of course, the craziness on your part for owning it all! All beautiful and yes, Corey has become quite a name through blogosphere with all her brocante finds! Enjoy it!
    Ronelle xx

  6. Wishing all of you a beautiful Easter!

    Such lovely photos Dana~ You will just love having an Astier collection. Nothing is better than that to have in your kitchen! I feel like a queen drinking tea from an Astier cup at Moms house. :0 One day hopefully I'll start my own collection too. :)

    Sending you lots of love and friendship,

  7. Dear Dana,

    How did I miss this post?!? I adore every image and YES YES YES Astier is the very best! I have my own collection and LOVE it everyday!

    Adorable post~