Monday, December 21, 2009

... and a cardinal in a bird cage

Yes, the weather outside is frightful. After a snow storm came through on Friday, leaving the top of my magnolia tree bent over so far the top was touching the ground,  I went outside to gather some of the broken branches to refresh my mantle. I saw, sitting among the limbs, a cardinal ~ cold and startled. Once I made sure it was alive, I ran inside to grab my new camera Santa brought to me early.

After snapping a few shots, I started worrying about the little guy, so took some moss and put it inside a birdcage that has a nest in it and had my husband bring it in to evaluate his condition. I was a wee bit afraid of it as it was chirping at me rather loudly. Gigi's curiosity (and maybe a little jealousy) started to ruffle the bird's feathers, literally, so I put the cage up on a table in my sunroom.


 We shut the doors to just let the bird be ~ to rest and regain its composure. Later we looked through the doors and saw he had flown the coup (or rather jumped as we think he was still a little rattled).

My husband rescued him from under a chair, migrated him to the basement where he was fed and transferred to a smaller cage, to roost for the night ... and hopefully recover.

This morning I sprang from my bed and ran to the basement. I threw off the blanket and our feathery visitor seemed ready to go ~ breakfast devoured.  I took the cage to the back door ... and away he flew like the down of a thistle.

Goodbye Rudy. I am glad we could help you and hope you fare well!

photos by Dana Cochran ~ The Ginger Parasol

Friday, December 18, 2009

Favorite Artist Friday ~ Trisha Romance

Star of Wonder

I fell in love with the work of Trisha Romance in 1990, when a friend purchased a print from this artist, while visiting Niagra-on-the-Lake in Canada, entitled "Christmas Morning."

My husband knew how much I loved her work and gave me "Silent Night", in 1993, as a Christmas gift. We later purchased "Candlelight Stoll" and "The Home Bakery." Her paintings are printed in limited edition prints and then the plates are destroyed.

"Star of Wonder" is another favorite that I sent out as our Christmas card several years ago.

I love the way the artist tells a story about each of her enchanting paintings and have include them below each one.

Silent Night

On Christmas Eve, the white blanket of new fallen snow surrounding our home, seemed so "calm and bright" that only an angel would dare to tread on it.

As we gathered around the table, to give thanks and sing glory to the Newborn King, heavenly peace blessed our family.

Peace on earth seemed a certain thing. As certain as the joy that filled our hearts, and as certain as the Star that led the three wisemen to the place of our Savior's birth, on that first "Silent Night". ~ Trisha

Candlelight Stroll

There is a night, a most romantic night in our town, truly unlike any other. It is an evening that warms the hearts of many and gives new life to even the most serious Scrooge. Early in the evening, many folks dressed in traditional apparel, mix Christmas shopping and socializing as the town prepares for "The Victorian Candlelight Stroll". Christmas music fills the air and just the sound of sleighbells is enough to transport one into a past century. Candles are sold by the hundreds so that not a soul is missed. Faces glow, not from just the candles they hold to celebrate the seasonal event but, with the Spirit of Christmas.

By the time the clock tower strikes seven, the townsfolk and all their visitors join the choir from the courthouse stairs. One by one the candles are lit from stranger to stranger, from loved one to loved one. And the chorus of "Alleluia" sends a tingle up your spine and brings a tear to the eye.

I dedicate this painting to all who have created this magic in many towns across our country, from the candle man to the smallest caroler. ~ Trisha

The Home Bakery

 The Candlelight Stroll wouldn't be the same without a trip to the bakery to fill up on gingerbread men, fruit cake and shortbread. Everything is bundled up in the familiar white box and wrapped up with string, but when we leave I realize that I've acquired much more than I paid for....a childlike joy that warms the insides and a feeling that in all the hustle and bustle it's the simple pleasures that satisfy and fill the soul. ~Trisha

After almost losing her eyesight at the age of four, Trisha gained a new appreciation of sight and thus an artist was born. After the bandages were removed from her eyes, she began drawing everything she saw. She said she felt an indescribable sense of light, freedom and happiness and believes it was a miracle. She has not stopped drawing nor painting since.  In 1989 she suffered from a venous angioma in her brain which has limited her ability to work as she once did. Her bio is long, but a must read if you like her work. She has a way of putting so much light, life and love into her art. I can get lost looking into these magical prints, imagining the stories that are going on within them.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I love creating inspiration and story boards, both on the computer and on paper or boards ~ of real weddings I have worked on and from magazines. I keep a box of clippings next to my magazine basket that gets filled while browsing my favorite periodicals. These boards were created by Snippet and Ink and Ritzy Bee. I have almost all these clippings in my own collection, having every issue of Martha Stewart Weddings since its first publication in 1987. I love how these were so beautifully arranged, so I thought I would repost them as they bring me much inspiration as I work on wintery wedding orders today. Winter weddings are actually my favorite ~ so intimate, elegant, magical and enchanting.