Monday, December 21, 2009

... and a cardinal in a bird cage

Yes, the weather outside is frightful. After a snow storm came through on Friday, leaving the top of my magnolia tree bent over so far the top was touching the ground,  I went outside to gather some of the broken branches to refresh my mantle. I saw, sitting among the limbs, a cardinal ~ cold and startled. Once I made sure it was alive, I ran inside to grab my new camera Santa brought to me early.

After snapping a few shots, I started worrying about the little guy, so took some moss and put it inside a birdcage that has a nest in it and had my husband bring it in to evaluate his condition. I was a wee bit afraid of it as it was chirping at me rather loudly. Gigi's curiosity (and maybe a little jealousy) started to ruffle the bird's feathers, literally, so I put the cage up on a table in my sunroom.


 We shut the doors to just let the bird be ~ to rest and regain its composure. Later we looked through the doors and saw he had flown the coup (or rather jumped as we think he was still a little rattled).

My husband rescued him from under a chair, migrated him to the basement where he was fed and transferred to a smaller cage, to roost for the night ... and hopefully recover.

This morning I sprang from my bed and ran to the basement. I threw off the blanket and our feathery visitor seemed ready to go ~ breakfast devoured.  I took the cage to the back door ... and away he flew like the down of a thistle.

Goodbye Rudy. I am glad we could help you and hope you fare well!

photos by Dana Cochran ~ The Ginger Parasol


  1. Oh Dana....what beautiful creatures you seem to rescue! What a lucky bird to be able to rejuvenate himself in your relaxing and tranquil home!! That gives me an idea....after the craziness of the season, I too think that I will collapse in your yard.....will you take me in and pamper me??? Hope you aren't feeling the empty nest syndrome!!!

  2. What wonderful photos and he knew where to land to be taken well care of! I am sure he will visit again. Have a wonderful, wonderful holiday Dana ~ xo

  3. Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful story and a beautiful bird!!!! Hope dear Rudy has a wonderful Christmas.


  4. Oh my goodness Dana what an incredible story! Lucky Rudy to have found your sweet home filled with TLC to mend and heal! The photos are incredible....and perhaps a Christmas card for next year?

  5. What an enchanting rescue, Dana. I can't stop smiling :)

    I came to wish a very, very Happy Christmas and to put in a plea for a special big bone for Gigi.

  6. Thank you so much, one and all.

    I have been looking for Rudy, but it is hard to pick him out amongst all the cardinals we have. I did see one peering in the window this morning from the feeder. Maybe word is spreading. :)

    Gigi, of course, will have many special treats in her stocking this year! Just having her with us makes it the most special.

    Merry Christmas to all ~

  7. What are beautiful little birdy and touching story! I love the photos~~

    Merry Merry Christmas Dana!

    Much Love & Joy,

  8. Oh Dana...this touched my romantic soul!! It is so fitting a "story" and experience for this time of year(if you can allow me to be a little..what some people will surely call.."tacky/sentimental").. I wish this spirit for everyone for the whole rest of the coming year! And what a beauty he is too..
    I hope you had a wonderful christmas with plenty of cheer and bliss..

  9. Dear Dana~
    How precious! This is the sweetest post I have ever seen... truly so so dear~~ Have a beautiful beautiful 2010!!!