Sunday, July 26, 2009

High hopes and a workshop

If all goes well, I leave tomorrow for a watercolor workshop - a day late, however. So much for best laid plans. Never mastering the art of packing light, I think I have everything I need except a sink! Whoever said you can't take it all with you, doesn't know me!

Tomorrow we find out how Gigi is tolerating the chemo, blood work wise. She is doing really well. No side effects whatsoever! Her sense of hearing is even returning. The vet believes the medications are taking the pressure off of the tumor for now, thus some very postitive results. She is even more like her old self than she was a month ago! We now see that there were subtle signs all along, that she had a brain tumor - loss of hearing, fearfulness and clinginess. We are so grateful to have had a really good week. She is even taking walks and looking forward to her weekend rides! My husband will be working from home next week, while I am away, to keep a watchful eye on little Gigi. Thanks to all of you who have left comments or sent emails to me. Your thoughts, prayers and support have really touched me.

I will give you a full report, on all, when I return ... and I have a beautiful featured wedding to share with you, as well.

Have a great week all! Ta ta for now.


  1. The art of travel is one to master....when I travel, I always fret over taking too much, I try to keep a list of what I need at hand from trip to trip. I think packing light and keeping a wardrobe consisting of easy pieces works best, paper, paints, pens and as for the water - I find a source and vessel wherever I am...happy travels.
    I shall be thinking of your sweet one.

  2. Look at those beautiful paintboxes and luscious supplies, hand-made sketchbooks (?) and beautifully torn loose square of paper! How exciting , Dana. I hope there will be workshop photos and watercolours for us.

    Fingers crossed for Gigi's test results. So great to hear you've had a good week and that she has rallied.

  3. Thanks PVE for the traveling advice and kind words. I will have to start keeping a list from trip to trip.

    Thanks Robyn. Gigi is not having a great day today. I am not sure why...but hopefully it is just one bad day.

    The paper is from Twinrocker. I carry their wedding stationery line and thought I would try their watercolor paper. Each piece is made my hand, so there are no torn edges, they are all naturally deckled. Do you think by having all the right stuff, I will learn to paint like you? :) Fingers crossed. :)

    ...and yes, I will share what I learn and have photos!

  4. Oh, dear, my first attempt didn't go through. I hope that dear little Gigi feels better tomorrow--please keep us posted. Enjoy your workshop and give Brenda my best!

  5. Thank you, Dana for the description of your watercolour paper. It sounds beautiful. I think you do indeed have the 'right stuff' for watercolour painting and I don't mean supplies :) Did you make it to your workshop?

    Like Laura, I'm hoping your little Gigi is feeling better.