Tuesday, September 18, 2012

JFA monogram

I realize, as I begin working on another monogram design, that I have created so many, but have not had time to post. As you can see, I have been pulling out a few of these over the past few months.
Here is a simple copperplate monogram engraved in fawn ink on cotton paper.
Part of the fun in constructing a monogram is sketching out different letters to see which work best in the overall composition. On this one, I arranged the top and bottom loops of the F to reach out into the letters on each side.
We used the monogram on note cards, favor boxes and other pieces for the reception.

I will have share a "behind the scenes of creating a monogram" in an upcoming post. I have had people ask me if I could not just sit down and write out their letters.  No! :) It involves lots of sketches and a variety of letterforms to see which will work best. Each monogram will be shaped differently, depending on the letters involved, to form a cohesive design.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Masters of Fashion Illustration

Masters of Fashion Illustration is one of the many fashion illustration books I own and adore. It is written by my favorite fashion illustrator David Dowton, who is one of the world's leading fashion artists.  He is best know for his drawings of Paris couture and elegant portraits of some of the world's most beautiful women.
The forward is written by one of them, Carmen Dell'Orefice (illustration by David Dowton.)  This is my favorite illustration in the book for its composition, style and colors! I also love his confident calligraphic lines.
 The book also features the best of the best, such as Erté, Andy Warhol, René Bouché, Antonio Lopez, and many more including book cover by the late Tony Viramontes.

It is a must have for anyone loving fashion illustration!