Thursday, July 12, 2012

note cards: olivia

  I have been completely obsessed with orange and navy this year ~ from stationery and clothing to the flowers I have planted and purchased.
A former bride/client commissioned me to calligraph her daughter's name for her personal stationery.  I had them engraved in a tangy tangerine that would be fun and perky for a little girl to use for many years to come .
Last week I received several new samples of letterpress patterns from Smock, a stationery line I carry and I'm seriously smitten with!  When I was photographing the note cards, the Smock cards were on the same table and I immediately knew they would make a snappy backdrop for these note cards.
Also, the same day, a friend sent a note to me (the orange paisley card) so I had to throw it into the mix too ... as well as an orange zinnia from my garden.

I will be posting more of these eye-popping patterns and note cards this month.

added note ~ it is really difficult to see that the pieces are engraved or letterpress without clicking on the images at about 200%.  is this a 'blogger' issue?


  1. I adore smock and used some pretty perky boxes for my Christmas cookies! I need to start thinking now about my holiday gifts and perhaps personalized papers would be just the right touch! What gorgeous calligraphy you do.
    How does one go about ordering?

  2. Thanks, pve! Just email me your requests and I will provide you with the information you need.

  3. Gorgeous Dana!!!!! Love that orange and your lettering is dancing!! Beautiful work as always!

  4. Thanks, Heather! xo~

  5. LOVE it, Dana!!! The beauty of your calligraphy in a simplistic style with charming colors is OUTSTANDING!!! Simplistic but speaks loudly of excellent style! :)

  6. Thanks for your kind words, Sandi! :D

  7. this is such a gorgeous post! I LOVE the colors!!! the orange is so bright and cheery, especially when paired with the happy bright blue. And I LOVE your lettering!

  8. Dana, do you have an online shop? Or maybe I need to make a visit while in TN. ;D

  9. These are sizzlin', Dana! Gorgeous!

  10. Thanks, Ladies!

    Joyce, no, not yet ...but look for it coming soon. ..and I would love for you to visit!!

  11. Dana your calligraphy is so glorious! I also love this color palette!

    Sorry to be so remiss in commenting!

    Art by Karena

  12. Just beautiful! Orange is my favorite color, so I'm really drawn to your photos. And orange and blue are my favorite complementary pairing, so voilà!
    Your work really is exquisite, Dana.

  13. Your lettering is sooooo fine, Dana - I want to change my name to Olivia!! This is a joy to view; thanks for sharing your gorgeous work. xo