Friday, April 8, 2011

Invitation Suites ~ Pendergrast

This is an invitation suite I created for the most precious bride last year.  Even though the couple attended the same university, they did not meet until much later, when they studied abroad in Sicily. It was not until after we already decided to do an illustration of sweet peas on the invitation that we found sweet peas are native to Sicily ~ serendipity!
The suite is also engraved on Italian paper - making it more meaningful to the couple.
The bride asked me to have the invitations engraved in an ink that coordinated with the swatch of her bridesmaid's dresses and to paint the sweet peas the color of this small piece of ribbon she sent to me. I don't think I could have gotten any closer!
She also wanted the watercolor to shimmer, reflecting the envelope liner, so I hand-painted the sweet peas on each invitation and reply card.
More on this beautiful wedding in my featured wedding this weekend.


  1. Gorgeous Dana. There is a luminescence to the painted petals. They truly shimmer. I love the colour combination. You did an amazing job with this suite!!! Love your dancing letterforms.

  2. I love the details of the bride. My kind of gal. Dana your artwork is truly beautiful! xo

  3. Swoon!!!Loved reading about this sweet couple. You made their invitation suite perfect for them Dana - absolutely breathtaking!