Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet Lucy Lambchop

Introducing our newest little family member ~ Miss Lucy Lambchop
It is an amazing story of serendipity and how Lucy found her way to us.
We had been considering purchasing two Miniature Pinschers from a breeder who shows her dogs at Westminster Dog Show.  She had two that were not quite show quality, and we didn't care, we just wanted to love them.  We were about to call to let her we would take them, when Gigi's oncologist called to say that she had rescued a Miniature Pinscher and wanted to see if we would like to adopt her - knowing how much we loved Gigi and missed her.  We went to see Lucy (who they were calling Pixie and we had even considered that name for one of the new puppies - another coincidence!) and knew she was ours from the minute we saw her.  It seems that we are meant to rescue these little Min Pins (a two hundred year old breed - a cross between a Dachshund and an Italian greyhound - not a Doberman as some people call them), that often find themselves in shelters. We had rescued Gigi, as well. They are very hyper little dogs, with a very unusual and unique personality that does not suit all.  They are very protective and territorial and are usually a one to two person dog - very curious, playful and comical.
Lucy has made herself very much at home, in the same spot Gigi liked best - on the fluffy sofa, that desperately needs replacing, in our sunroom. She loves to sunbathe with her blanket.  It took her a few days to trust us, but she is now totally Queen Bee of the house.
We feel so fortunate to have her and feel that Gigi had a hand in Lucy becoming ours.  She has helped fill the huge hole that Gigi's passing left in our hearts.  They are so much alike it is really eerie. 
We are head over hills in love with her. 
Looks like another little angel has found us!


  1. I am so happy for you and Barry! What a wonderful home Lucy has found. You will be very happy together!

  2. What a clever girl Lucy is to have chosen you to be her family.
    I can see you having lots of lovely times together under the Ginger Parasol.
    x Felicity

  3. Welcome Lucy! How wonderful Dana, another love affair has begun. Much love XO

  4. Dianne DerbyAugust 31, 2010

    I am crying and smiling at the same time as I read this. How wonderful it is to see this precious angel come into your life.

    FYI...My parents are getting two new chihuahua babies next week. They will never replace their Daffodil but they are excited, like you, to welcome some new faces into their home. They grieve with you over the loss of your Gigi and they treasure the "Daffodil" you painted for them when they lost their little girl. Now they will have "Daisy" and "Dandelion".

  5. Lucy is adorable!!!!!!!

  6. Dana I am so happy Lucy found her way home!! She is beautiful!

    You are so right-how are stories are so similiar it is eerie. Losing our little ones around the same time to now having additional love to fill our hearts.

    I owe you an email will soon. Congrats my friend!! Many hugs to everyone!!! xo

  7. Lucy is just a doll... how adorable!!

    Art by Karena

  8. Lucy landed in a sweet spot.
    What a cutie!

  9. Those eyes are adorable!

    Love her intentive look.


  10. I am so happy for you Dana! These are precious photos, and Lucky looks as though she is quite content to have you share her life. :)

  11. Dear Dana!
    Miss Lucy Lambchop is Beautiful!! She is a lucky little lady to live with you in your magic kingdom~ I am sorry Noel is so absent. She is so so so busy with her new job and recent move. She has not had an easy time with it all. She is very
    s l o w l y coming back to life.... I wanted to let you know that she is featured in the Oct Romantic Homes issue and YOU our dear friend is mentioned too! I miss being and hearing about your wonderful life through Noel but I am SO HAPPY with your new addition to the family:)

  12. Dearest Dana ~

    Lucy is absolute perfection...congratulations!


  13. I'm so happy you found her!! She is adorable and already so loved..Enjoy her!