Monday, November 16, 2009

Home Sweet Homes

Earlier this year I was commissioned to render 8 house portraits for a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary as a gift from their children. Working as an executive for GM, the couple moved quite a bit over the last 50 years.

From the townhome where they began their lives together and the first home for their three children,

to the home where they retired,

...and all the beautiful homes in between,

they have shared an amazing life together.

I hope each time they look at this painting it will bring back wonderful memories of the times they have shared together, and those with family and friends, over last 50 years ... and many more to come.

This was my first attempt at ever painting a house and coordinating eight on one page was quite challenging, but I was happy with the overall results.


  1. Absolutely beautiful - great layout and terrific lettering. The family will be very delighted!

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Catherine!

  3. Quite the commission and done so well Dana! What a lovely keepsake for the parents, will take them thorugh many years of memories. They must be thrilled.

  4. Wonderful! There's no place like home! As an artist - I know this is quite an accomplishment to get them all to sit happily on one sheet.
    How large is the finished work?
    Really lovely!

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  6. I somehow deleted my own comment! ....
    Many thanks, pve! I admire your work and your encouraging words mean a lot.
    The layout took up most of the 22 x 30 sheet.
    The couple called to thank me, after being presented the gift, and to tell me they loved it - and that the homes looked just as they remembered! It was quite a challenge to pull together missing pieces of the homes obscured by trees or cropped out of photos that were old - but I discovered how much I really love to draw and paint homes!

  7. the work is gorgeous Dana. Your painting skills are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Dear Dana,
    How beautiful this is! I have a feeling you are one of those that can make magic out of everything you touch~ Have a beautiful Holiday week!

  9. thank you, thank you heather and janet!
    i paint whimsical houses and loose home sketches quite often, but this was my first "formal - house portrait" attempt.

  10. Beautiful work, Dana - what a demanding project. Congratulations.

  11. Great job, Dana!! Btw, it's so fun to see some familiar faces here commenting!

  12. Hi Dana~~

    Your work is stunning. What a special thing you do. All those wonderful memories a home holds.

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving~~

    Miss you~
    xo Noel

  13. oh wow, dana ... what magnificent work you created here!
    this is truly a gift to cherish for this family and will certainly be handed down through generations with stories to go along ... truly beautiful.
    and truly a challenge that you handled so wonderfully ... not an easy task ... and you've made them all look so grand and loved ... well done!
    also wanted to send along warm wishes for your thanksgiving weekend ... cheers to you and yours ~
    prairiegirl xo
    ps. please do pop by, if you get a moment ...

  14. How beautiful! Are you interested in painting another house, just a single one? I've been wanting to have one done of our current home. Thanks!

  15. Hi Grace,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I would love to paint your home!

    Contact me at

    Look forward to hearing from you!