Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sketchy Thursday

I haven't forgotten I promised to share details from my workshop a few weeks ago - but the truth is, I didn't produce anything I want to show! ;0
The class was held at Cheap Joe's in Boone, NC. I do not know why I have not taken more classes there, but have already signed up for 3 more! I will tell you all about those when the time comes. In the meantime, I have been keeping my goal of a sketch a day.
I had signed up for this workshop, entitled "Sketching with Watercolor" with Brenda Swenson, to try and loosen my style. I have painted detailed botanicals and house portraits many times, but nothing loose and free ... like I want to produce ... but I am changing my ways! Brenda commented that I drew a lot of detail and very tiny things and reminded me "not to paint the fleas before the dog"! I am so used to producing "small pieces of art" in my stationery and do love tiny little drawings, so I guess that is why I am having problem with large still life objects.
The class was a lot of fun. I did not get to attend all of it due to my dog starting her chemo and working out work schedules with my husband, but what I was able attend was very insightful.
Brenda is taking a small group to France in the spring of 2010 and I had just talked my husband into taking me, had all the plans worked out with the tour group, when she informed me it was full already. I have to say, I was very disappointed but have something else in the works.
I promise to show you some things soon, but in the meantime, I will show you my overworked urn. I am so drawn to urns and have so many as an antique lover and gardener, I am sketching and painting them all...on paper that is. I DO love this Twinrocker paper I am using. I have sold their stationery for years and only in the last couple of months started using their watercolor paper and really enjoy it. I think this piece, and its color, has the same patina as the urn.


  1. Dear Dana~
    This overworked urn is divine! You are full of gifts to share and your depth is like a rose...ever unfolding. I am sorry the group to Paris is full.. but I just know that there is something else better in the
    works just as you said. The hard part is over, talking husband into it... now it will all fall into place. My husband and I have booked our trip for this October. I am getting really excited! You and Noel remind me so much of eachother.. so detailed and so beautiful~
    Have a Good Weekend my friend!

  2. Dana!!!! It's so lovely. I think you have a natural talent for watercolour illustration. Thanks so much for posting!

  3. Dana, WOW This is so beautiful - it truly made my heart stop when I looked at it. I have never seen watercolor done like this and just love it. This is so inspiring. Are you going to sell prints or this one? The patina, everything is just perfect. I knew I would love your work... it's as I imagined coming from you. Thank you for sharing!

    xoxo Noel

  4. Thank you, my dear friends. I am not where I want to be with this ...but practice, practice, practice. ..and I am having fun with it!
    xo's to you all ~Dana

  5. You should be most pleased with your is beautifully detailed and I love how you showed a partial section of it. I think Brenda should fit you in, maybe a spot will magically open up? lovely work.

  6. I read recently of a very successful artist who feared they went into too much detail and decided - what the heck, that is what I like to do. And very well she does it too! I think this is a lovely study of the urn, Dana.

  7. Robyn ~ Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I really do want to get a little less fussy with my work...but you are right, it may be who I am!

    Sande ~ Thanks for your comments too!

  8. This is VERY beautifully done! I too admire BRenda's work and envy your taking a class from her. Like you, loosening up is a goal I aspire to! I love the work of Janet Rogers and Ann Blockley --- you may like it too!

  9. Thanks Lin! It is fun, isn't it? I think you are doing an amazing job.
    I am actually taking Janet's class next year. I am really looking forward to that one.

  10. Hello - I had to leave a note for your to say how wonderful your blog is and how much I've enjoyed reading your posts. They are creative, interesting and unique - and your photo's are divine too ! Best wishes and thank you for sharing them ...