Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Inspiration Board: Traditional with a Twist

I have to share with you the wedding project I am currently immersed in. It has been one of the most interesting commissions I have been asked to do. The bride’s style is proper but eccentric, traditional yet edgy, adventurous and relaxed. The pieces I am fashioning for her wedding invitation suite and reception pieces will be a juxtaposition of old-world tradition and a quirky modern twist. She told me to think Marie Antoinette, Great Gatsby, Hollywood Glam mixed with my own vintage style and old-world scripts. The couple loves the roaring twenties and the carefree decadence of the illustrated lifestyle this era depicts. It is the impetus behind the look and feel they want to create for their wedding. These elements will first be introduced in the invitations and carried through to the reception pieces. I will be designing two large art pieces, which will be displayed on easels at the reception. The hand-painted menu I will create will later be a piece of art they can hang in their home to treasure for years to come. The bride loves the aesthetics of the labels used on Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy’s products, in Florence (one of her favorite places), so I am using those as a springboard for my ideas for the border that will encompass the menu. I am also producing a seating chart, which will incorporate a mixture of abstract art with vintage script.

Later in the evening guests will be given masks and fans to liven the party.
After the festivities, the couple will leave in one of the antique cars from her grandfather’s collection.

This project has forced me to think outside the box of the traditional weddings I am accustomed to. I am up for the challenge and can’t wait to see it unfold.
I know it will be an unforgettable event. I hope to be there to capture it on paper. More to come on that later...

Photos for the Inspiration Board were provided by the bride, a few of my own
The last two photos via Coco + Kelley


  1. Oh Dana!
    How much fun are you having doing this project? I wish Noel & I could have flown over with Baby Grace to play with you~ If you need us we are here! I know you will make it an unforgettable day~ I love the idea of the hand painted menu on an easel to frame afterward and the Santa Maria Novella touch!! Omg!!! This bride sounds just like Marie Antoniette~
    I can not wait to see it all!!

  2. Thanks Janet! I am having lots of fun!
    Now you know why I bought so many feathers from you. :)
    I wish you and Noel could have escorted Baby Grace across the country too. You will have to come for a visit soon!!

  3. I am dying over here! You have captured me in a world of wonders. I cannot wait to see your menu and seating chart. I have never heard anything like it and just know it's going to be amazing. What a lucky bride. Beautiful post!!

    xoxo Noel